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As babies grow from infants to toddlers they graduate dozens of baby milestones, from eating purees, finger foods and walking. Your baby’s pediatrician can help you learn if your baby is on track. Being aware of major developments can ensure your tot is staying on track. Texas WIC can also help your baby stay on track to grow healthy and strong.

Bringing a newborn home from the hospital can be overwhelming. There is so much to learn and process – how to feed, making sure they are safe and loved, learning to decode their baby language. As you get to know your baby and all the traits that make them uniquely them, you will also start picking up on your baby’s developments. It’s something you can observe and watch from Day 1. It’s also one of the biggest joys of being a parent, watching your baby grow and learn.

There are endless resources online about baby milestones, but don’t get overwhelmed and remember they are just a guide. Your baby’s doctors are the ultimate resource. Plus, any resource you use (online, book, etc.) are only tools to help you ask the right questions to your doctor. 

One great online resource is, Texas WIC. Their experts have outlined some of the milestone highlights of a baby’s first year online.


When you first bring your baby home, most of your attention will be focused on your baby’s eating, sleeping and baby communication (or crying).

You will start to notice signs that your baby is hungry, including when they might be crying or sucking on their tiny hands. They may also try to nuzzle you to get fed. You will learn the signs your baby is trying to tell you as you get to know them. 

Texas WIC, a free program that guides mothers in providing healthy habits for their children, offers a lot of tools to help mothers feed their children, including these tips online.  The program helps mothers provide healthy nutrition for their babies on the WIC program.

By the end of the first month, you may notice your baby keeps their hands in tight fists, can move head side-to-side while on their tummy and can recognize your voice. 


By the time your baby is at the end of two months, your baby will likely be smiling at faces, can calm themselves with hand sucking and can hold their head up when on their tummy, according to the CDC. Their experts also recommend talking to your doctor if your baby doesn’t respond to loud sounds or can’t hold their head up.

At 4 months, your baby will likely be mimicking movements and faces, begin to babble and may be able to roll from tummy to back, according to the CDC milestone markers.

At 6 months, they may be responding to their own name, bringing objects to their mouth and roll over in both directions, according to the CDC milestone guide

Texas WIC recommends on their website to contact Early Childhood Intervention Services if you are still concerned about your child’s development after talking to their physician. ECIS is a statewide program. You can learn more about their programs online.

If you are interested in joining Texas WIC to help your baby grow healthy and strong, you can apply online. You can also find WIC clinics in Waco using our online directory

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